The national activities of the COC can be divided into 4 clusters:

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  • Monitoring compliance with Title II of the Data Protection Act (DPA) by the integrated police service, the General Inspectorate of the Federal and Local Police (AIG) and the Passenger Information Unit (Bel-PIU): this cluster covers all the tasks relating to the protection of privacy in the context of field operations;
  • Monitoring compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) by the integrated police service: this cluster covers all the tasks relating to the protection of privacy within the framework of the non-operational tasks (for instance recruitment and selection, disciplinary measures, etc.);
  • Monitoring the processing of information and personal data stored in police databases: this cluster mainly involves monitoring and checking the legality, efficiency and effectiveness of the processing of police information. The COC operates both reactively (for instance in the wake of a complaint) and proactively, by organising large-scalechecks within a particular police zone, an entity of the federal police or one of its organisational units (for instance the functioning of a station);
  • Any other tasks it is entrusted with by or under other legislation. For this purpose, it is appropriate to refer to:

1. The rules on the visible and invisible use of cameras by the police services;

2. The assessment of the proportionality and subsidiarity of Customs and Excise consulting the passenger database within the framework of their tax duties.

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